Where to Begin and What You Need to Know

A Note to Educators

Teaching about current events in real time often leaves most educators a little frightened, unsure if they have all the basic facts in order. Likewise, very few have more than one day to add on any new topic–let alone the opportunity to plan it. Given these realities, Teaching about North Korea has made this process as easy as possible with professionally-vetted, click-and-use materials. It is our hope that they allow you to inspire your students with the knowledge to understand the world. To get started, check out our “Teacher Background Guide” that will make you more confident.

Where to Fit Into Your Course

We all learn best where there are natural connections to what we previously know. Given that, we recommend integrating materials on the crisis with North Korea after a unit where you might teach on any of the following topics:

  • The use of nuclear weapons in World War Two
  • East Asia in the 20th Century, especially the Korean War, 1950-53
  • How U.S. Foreign Policy is created
  • American government and the study of the Presidency
  • Understanding totalitarianism in the present
  • Dystopian Literature and the use of “1984” or “Animal Farm”‚Äč

Choose What Fits Best

Teaching about North Korea understands that the life of a classroom educator is demanding and stressful. Quite often, your job is limited by state tests, rigid course structures, or factors outside your control. That is why you won’t see long curriculum guides here, but rather, ready-to-use resources that are catered to one, two, and multi-day lessons – with materials, assignments, and resources all just one click away.