Additional Teaching Resources

Sources and Articles to enhance your background knowledge and practice for teaching about North Korea. Last updated: October 18, 2020.

Resources on North Korea

  • North Korea Economy Watch blog that tracks developments that impact North Korea’s economic and cultural development
  • North Korea Leadership Watch blog that provides monitoring and analysis of North Korea’s political infrastructure and events, including history of the Kim family
  • North Korea Tech blog that tracks North Korea’s technological developments that affects its business, telecommunications, security, and space/military capabilities
  • North Korea in the World data on North Korea’s external and diplomatic relations
  • 38 North Digital Atlas of North Korea: The DPRK Digital Atlas is a compilation of data meant to provide users with the most accurate geographic information on North Korea available at this time. The atlas allows users to search the map using the latest publicly available satellite imagery of any specific point or area as they are searching.

Background Articles on North Korea for your classroom practice