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The Korean War Legacy Foundation was created by Dr. Jongwoo Han to help teachers, students, and the public understand the origins and outcomes of the Korean War, the challenges soldiers faced, and its rich legacy of promoting democracy and freedom, as exemplified by South Korea’s simultaneous economic development and democratization as well as the strong US-ROK alliance.

Despite the great significance of the Korean War, our history textbooks treat it as the “forgotten war,” glossing it in a few paragraphs. We seek to change this by honoring veterans, preserving their stories, and creating teaching materials. The completion of our new website, which includes the Korean War Memory Bank, curricular resources, a special documentary film and the largest collection of Korean War Veterans’ interviews, will be announced in 2018

The major initiatives or the Korean War Legacy Foundation Include:

Korean War Memory Bank
The Korean War Legacy Memory bank is an online resource for students, teachers and the public to learn about the Korean War and modern Korea. The website features oral history interviews, interactive timelines, lesson plans, and maps. koreanwarlegacy.org

Classroom Documentary
A classroom friendly 35 minute documentary has been produced that summarizes the legacy of the Korean War and uses poignant moving images to show students modern South Korea. The Documentary follows a Korean War veteran and his great grandson as they take a journey of discovery in South Korea.

Iowa Project
Iowa’s Department of Education adopted new standards for social studies in May 2017, which includes teaching about another country’s culture in grades 1, 3, and 5. The KWLF is creating materials which feature Korea as the first case study of these newly added world history standards.

AP Project
The College Board added new references to Korea in the World History curriculum Framework and the KWLF will be developing curriculum materials that support these new content requirements.

The Korea Foundation was established in 1991 to promote awareness and understanding of Korea and to enhance goodwill and friendship among the international community through its cultural, academic and intellectual exchange activities and programs. Some of its major works include: providing support for Korean studies overseas, organizing/supporting international forums, as well as assisting research institutions/think tanks around the world in their research, conferences and publications. For more information, please visit www.kf.or.kr.

The Korean War Veterans Digital Memorial is a professional database of interviews and artifacts collected from Korean War Veterans. In addition to preserving historical records for the use and education of future generations, the purpose of the organization is to create a permanent and efficient method of recording the memories and experiences of Korean War veterans, as well as to educate future generations about the sacrifices made by KWVs and to pass down lessons learned from the Korean War. It also emphasizes the importance of a mutual relationship between the United States and Republic of Korea. You can learn more by going to www.kwvdm.org

38 North is a project of the US-Korea Institute at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, DC. Founded in 2010, this web journal harnesses the experience of long-time observers of North Korea and others who have dealt directly with North Koreans, to provide informed analysis of events happening in and around North Korea. 38 North digs beneath the surface of political, economic, social and military developments, offering insights and updates on key developments concerning North Korea and its evolving place in the world. For information and analysis on North Korea, please visit www.38north.org